Denis Alexandrovich Shaforostov (Ukrainian: Денис Александрович Шафоростов; born 4 May 1992), also known by his stage name Denis Stoff, is a Ukrainian musician, and was the former lead guitarist of Ukrainian metalcore band, Make Me Famous, and Former lead vocalist of British metalcore band Asking Alexandria. Shaforostov showcased an early interest in music through his YouTube channel "above92" which contains vocal and guitar cover videos of songs dating back to as far as 2008. He furthered the momentum of his YouTube popularity through the formation of Make Me Famous. After Make Me Famous broke up, he founded Down & Dirty but left the group shortly after, later joining British metalcore band Asking Alexandria, which he left on 21 October 2016 because of conflict going on in his home country the Ukraine. Denis has stated that it is a "legit war zone".

Music career

    2019 - present

    Currently lead vocalist for the band Drag Me Out. New video available here.

  • Asking Alexandria

    On 22 January 2015, lead singer Danny Worsnop announced his departure from Asking Alexandria to focus on his new band We Are Harlot, of which it was quickly stated that his replacement was already found. On 26 May 2015, Stoff was officially announced as the new lead vocalist when they released their first single together titled "I Won't Give In" on 27 May. Speculation regarding Stoff's involvement started shortly after Worsnop's departure due to similarities between Asking Alexandria and Make Me Famous (who were said to have been ripping off the band); the fact that they were label mates would have made the transition easy for Stoff to make, and on his personal YouTube account he had covered multiple Asking Alexandria songs. Ben Bruce was asked if he considered anyone else for the role and he stated that "it has to be Denis" before praising his vocal ability. When Shaforostov himself was asked how he would distinguish himself from Worsnop, he stated he would not make any comparison since he is a completely different person.

    In October 2016, Ben Bruce announced that Stoff left the band. In December 2017, Rock Sound interviewed Denis. Denis explained that his home country, Ukraine, is like a warzone now. He said there was stress for him and his family, and he had to stop touring to focus on family.

  • Down & Dirty

    After the news arose that Make Me Famous had broken up, Stoff quickly announced a new band named Down & Dirty. The band was officially announced under the Sumerian label like his last project, and released their first single and music video in December 2013 titled "Move It". The band also released a second single and music video in December 2014 titled "I Will Never Lose My Way". After these songs, Stoff later announced he would be joining Asking Alexandria, which was followed by Down & Dirty confirming he was no longer a part of the group. 

  • Make Me Famous

    The first major project Stoff involved himself in was metalcore act Make Me Famous which he helped form in 2010 with members Serj Kravchenko on lead vocals, Sergei Hohlov on bass, Dusty Boles on drums and Igor Yestrebov on guitar.The band gained recognition on the video sharing website YouTube, where Stoff previously released covers of songs and would eventually gain members after contacting each musician after gaining a following. The band released their debut album in March 2012 via Sumerian Records and successfully charted in the US top 200, peaking at 151.

    In late 2012, Stoff had announced that he had quit the band, which itself had announced to be disbanded after their final headlining tour that same year, officially disbanding in early 2013.

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